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Beginner's Guide: How to Create Your Own YouTube Channel?

YouTube is popular. The money that bloggers earn sometimes seems unthinkable, unreal, fictional. But no, they are very real. And anyone can become a blogger — be it a person or a company. In this note, I will tell anyone who might be interested in creating their own YouTube channel and how to competently approach this process based on the experience of my own channel and a year of working with clients on producing YouTube for companies and individuals.

Why do you need a YouTube channel?

In addition to popularity, various opportunities to monetize their audience through Instagram Stories or integration into releases, entrepreneurs can sell their products or services through YouTube. Vlogs are especially popular among sellers of info products and trainers: the conversion of such products can be very high.

In addition, popularity on YouTube provides additional opportunities for development: they begin to trust you, invite you to conferences, subscribers in other social networks also indirectly grow.

And it is not necessary to do like everyone else and create another "vlog about business". There is a rule on YouTube: either you are famous, or you are creative, or you are the first. Therefore, if you are not Leonid Parfyonov, then create your own shows, interview interesting personalities, reveal them from the inside or find a niche that is not yet occupied. Increase your popularity and thereby increase the popularity of your businesses.

Entrepreneurs who start a YouTube channel can be divided into 2 categories: business (a company channel) and individuals (a channel for themselves). These 2 categories have different goals and objectives, and hence a different approach. It is important to decide which category you belong to — and what you want to achieve.

Top 3 YouTube Channel Goals for Business

YouTube is expensive. You need to invest in strategy, production, promotion, design. For a channel on behalf of a company, there can be 3 goals (or any mix of these three):

1. Increasing brand popularity. The most important asset in the 21st century (and it's not Bitcoin) is attention. Creating content on YouTube allows companies to build, manage, and scale the social capital they need with ease on other platforms. If your brand needs popularity, then YouTube is for you.

2. Increasing the involvement of people in the brand. The basis of content is, oddly enough, the content itself. And not promotion, bloggers and stuff. And this means that in order for your channel to be watched, you need a good creative. One that will hook users and will be discussed both in the comments under the video and on the street. If you want your brand to be talked about, YouTube is for you.

3. Communication of the client with the brand. Removes unnecessary filters and regulations, YouTube is an opportunity to communicate with your buyer on "you". If you want to build a "personal" customer experience with you and build a following, YouTube is for you.

Source: https://smmtouch.com/en/buy-youtube-likes

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